Expert Tattoos and Body Piercing


Tattoo Designs

Select from a wide variety of designs and styles: traditional, oriental, natural, hearts, flowers, animals, portraits, patriotic, tribal, Polynesian

Custom Work

Work with our artists to create your own design.

Tattoo Restoration

Restore the beauty of your old tattoo.

Free Hand

Your body becomes a masterpiece.

Black and Gray

Tattoos created in varying shades of black.


Completely disguise an unwanted tattoo under a beautiful new design.

Full Color

Top-quality inks in a full range of colors that maintain their strength and richness

Bright Color

Colors that stand out

Body Piercing

Every type of body piercing, is done by professionals in a clean, sterile environment

Aftercare and advice

Standard jewelry is included in the price of the piercing; optional upgrades are available. Jewelry change is free with purchase of jewelry from our shop. We charge  a small fee when you bring your own jewelry.

Ear tapering and ear stretching, also known as earlobe gauging, is the slow and gradual enlargement of a piercing in the earlobe. At each successive visit, the earlobe accommodates increasingly larger sizes of jewelry.

We maintain the highest standards of hygiene. Your well-being is our first concern.

All our tattoo artists are Bloodborne Pathogen certified and Aseptic Technique certified.

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