Orlando Tattoo Artist Stephanie Piccone

Stephanie Piccone

Tattoo Artist

Hi, I’m Stephanie. My whole life, I’ve had a passion for art. I started drawing as a child and, from there, went on to participate in many visual and multicultural arts classes through middle school and high school. I have experience in mosaic making, still life paintings, pottery, glass blowing, and many other forms of art from around the world. Berks Career and technology center is where I attended classes in commercial and graphic arts and design. After high school, I kept up with my drawing and art and dabbled in pyrography for a few years before making the leap into tattooing. Once I started, I was hooked. I’m happy to be doing what I do! In August of 2022, I got my apprenticeship at Good Vibrations Ink and remain there. I love what I do and love designing tattoos based on clients’ ideas! I look forward to my future as a tattoo artist and providing an artistic service to our awesome clients.